Outcomes following hernia surgery vary widely. As most surgeons do not publish this there is little information available to allow GP’s and patients to compare surgeons and hospitals.

However we know from studies published in the surgical literature the outcomes that matter to patients such as length of time to return to work, hernia recurrence and long term pain or discomfort in the groin vary enormously between hospitals and centres.  For instance hernia recurrence (i.e. the hernia returns at some point after the operation) varies between less than 1% and more than 10%.  Long term discomfort in the groin in the best centres may be 1-2% whereas in others it may be more than 30%. 

If you are interested, please follow this link to read a scientific review of the treatment of hernias - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2719730/.

In order to help you choose, we have been monitoring complications for five years. More recently we have been collecting information on long term outcomes and patient experience.  These results refer solely to operations performed at the Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital (Mr Boyle has repaired 438 inguinal hernias in the past five years) and exclude all operations performed elsewhere.


Median time to resumption of normal activities and work 8 days (range 0-21).

Complications following surgery (since 2009)

Mr Boyle has repaired 438 hernias since 2009

  1. Returns to theatre = 0 (100%)
  2. Haemorrhage required blood transfusion = 0 (100%)
  3. Serious wound infections = 0 (100%)
  4. Superficial wound infections requiring antibiotics = 2 (<1%)
  5. Hernia Recurrence = 2 (<1%)


Long term outcomes

We have asked all our patients who underwent hernia surgery since 2011 to complete a clinically validated questionnaire which asks a series of questions to assess long term discomfort and sensation of mesh.  Patients are asked to score these where 0 = none and 5 = severe.  The following data is derived from these returns.

We now ask all patients undergoing hernia surgery to complete a questionnaire prior to surgery and again six months post surgery.  We will add the results as they become available.

Patient experience

100% of patients would recommend our service to friends and family

We believe our results provide clear evidence that by comparison with published data we are providing a high quality surgical service.

Our results page is regularly updated

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