Weight loss

If you have struggled to maintain your weight using diet and exercise alone, have tried the anti-obesity drugs to no avail, then you may be considering a surgical solution to lose weight.

Obesity is a disease recognised by the World Health Organisation.  It’s severity is normally determined by measurement of your Body Mass Index (BMI).


BMI = kg/m2

Healthy Weight

18 - 25


25 - 30


30 - 35

Severely Obese

35 - 40

Morbidly Obese

40 and over

The National Centre for Clinical Excellence (NICE), a government body set up to regulate medical treatments makes recommendations of who is eligible for different procedures.  In 2006 NICE issued guidance that surgery is a suitable treatment for people who had tried other methods of weight loss unsuccessfully and who:         


Gastric Banding

Gastric band surgery is a surgical technique where a band is placed at the top of the stomach, reducing its size and the patient's appetite. This technique is carried out laparoscopically requiring at most one night in hospital.

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