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Our Patients Say...

Personal stories of symptoms, treatment and recovery under the care of Nick and his team.

Symptom/Condition: Hiatus Hernia + Fundoplication Surgery

Many years ago I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis (a lung condition) and I have suffered with asthma for most of my life for which I have been on daily medication.  In September 2019 I developed a persistent cough that kept me awake at night and left me with painful ribs.  Also for many years I suffered with stomach discomfort, reflux, bloating and I had been “sleeping” sitting up to try to ease the pain.  Eventually the cough got the better of me so I went to see my GP again.  Amazingly my lungs were clear!  I did mention that my digestion was a real problem and the reflux was getting worse.  He fortunately sent me off to see Mr Nick Boyle.  For me the start of a journey that sorted out so many of my problems.  After a number of tests it seemed that I was aspirating my food into my lungs, hence the lung problem.  He suggested that a 270 degree fundoplication surgery  would be the answer. The surgery went fine but I did have a few minor blips along the way with swallowing.  His team were absolutely amazing and were always at the end of a phone to help me, day or night.  I cannot thank them enough.  Today I am eating pretty much normally but the best news is that I have halved my medication for my lungs, I don’t need omeprazole anymore and I use two pillows less at night!  Who would have thought that reflux could also cause lung problems and years of suffering.  Nick, you are the best and I cannot thank you and your team enough.


Symptom/Condition: Gallstones/Gallbladder Removal

I was very fortunate to be recommended to Mr Boyle and arranged an initial consultation to discuss ongoing gallbladder issues. Mr Boyle took time to listen and discuss my symptoms.

Having suffered several severe attacks of biliary colic in the preceding months caused by having multiple gallstones, and still being on the NHS waiting list, I made the decision to proceed with laparoscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder under Mr Boyle’s care.

I cannot fault the process from beginning to end.

Within an hour of contacting Mr Boyle’s Private Secretary, an appointment for surgery had been confirmed and all details received.

Leading up to and on the day of surgery I received excellent care and communication from Mr Boyle and his team.

During my post op assessment Mr Boyle took time to discuss the procedure and results before discharging me from his care.

I would like to thank Mr Boyle, his Private Secretary and his theatre team and would not hesitate to recommend his services.


Symptom/Condition: Recurrent Inguinal Hernias

I saw Mr Boyle having had two failed inguinal hernia repair attempts, on both left and right side. As a result of these previous operations, I was advised that a third repair of both would not be easy, as the hernias were now larger and there was considerable scar tissue. Nevertheless, Mr Boyle agreed to undertake both repairs.

The first operation on the left side was a complete success, and although uncomfortable there was little pain (managed with analgesics).

A year later, and with a high degree of confidence on my part, Mr Boyle carried out the repair on the right side. So far, it could not be a better outcome. I did not suffer any pain (took analgesics for two days only) and, three weeks later, the wound was healed with the deeper swelling almost gone (although, I still require some time before I can resume tennis!). I’m very happy with both the outcomes.


Epigastric Hernia

Even on my first meeting with Mr. Boyle, I felt confident that I could expect excellent surgery.

His pre-op and post-op visit to my room in the Nuffield felt reassuring.

As for the actual wound, it healed in record time, about 2 weeks, after which I felt confident enough to shower.