Feedback for Q1 2013

These charts summarise patient feedback for this quarter.

Feedback for January 2013

What did
we do well?
What did we
do badly?
Would you
recommend us?

Polite, friendly, efficient service from all the hospital staff.  Good communication

No complaints on any aspect of care at all Yes most definitely
Everything!  The operation was a non-event for me, I didn’t even need to take the pain killers.  I had the operation on a Thursday and returned to work on Monday.  It doesn’t get better than that!  Thanks


Operated on me!



Clear explanation of the problem and the proposed treatment.  Hopefully, a good procedure!

Nothing, though the timings on the day were nowhere near forecast and I was not kept informed about the delay

Everything went very smoothly – everyone was attentive and helpful and kept me well informed about what was going on

Only negative for me was that the room was rather noisy, particularly when the door was left open.  Conversation from nearby staff at their meeting point was noticeable at times


The whole experience, from initial consultation to final review, was entirely satisfactory, with procedures being described in detail


Yes withut hesitation

Very quick response to need, to arrange surgery.  Mr Boyle came in specially – very impressive.  Good operation and after care



From start to the finish! On time for appointments, consultant fantastic, a pleasure to meet, very reassuring which puts your mind at ease.  All the staff very polite and helpful which makes all the difference

Nothing was done badly

Most definitely recommend to friends and family

Could not fault treatment




Nothing from what I experienced. Could almost say my visit was pleasurable!! Thanks Yes definitely would

Feedback for February 2013



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